6 Reasons To Include Deadlifts In Your Fitness Routine Ft. Tiger Shroff

Given the pandemic conditions, the need to keep yourself fit and healthy has become a matter of importance for everyone. Apart from switching to indoor workouts like simple calisthenics exercises and yoga, people have also been experimenting with healthful ways to improve their diet to raise their overall well-being. While the number of Covid-19 cases witnessing a drastic drop in the past few weeks, people are still trying to experiment with different permutations and combinations to find the right balance to enhance their immunity while staying indoors.

One superstar, who has been giving us all major fitness goals is Tiger Shroff. Apart from making his singing debut in the lockdown phase, the young actor has also been quite focused on bulking up his body for his upcoming action films. From turning his spacious balcony into a workout zone to following a strict diet, Tiger has utilised the time off in the right order, which has motivated millions of fans. Meanwhile, the Heropanti actor, who recently returned to the gym, shared a jaw-dropping video of himself showing off his strength by acing a heavy-weighted deadlift with utmost ease.

While the 31-year-old superstar continues to inspire the world with his fitness posts, AskMen India shares a few reasons why you should include deadlifts in your fitness routine.

Reduces lower back pain

After spending several months indoors (due to the lockdown) and adjusting to the WFH lifestyle, lower back pain has become a common issue with all. While experts have been suggesting several ways of tackling the problem by improving your seating arrangement at home and others, the deadlift exercise is a good way of strengthening your back muscles and overcoming this issue. Deadlifts are a safe resistance training workout that improves body posture by working on major upper and lower body muscles.

Enhances bone density

As stated earlier, deadlifts are known for working on major upper and lower body muscles, many published studies also assert that resistance training workouts are known for enhancing bone density. And deadlifts are hailed as one of the most effective weight-training exercises to improve bone density. Apart from targeting your leg and hip muscles, deadlifts are also known for working on your spine and back muscles as well.

Increases testosterone level

Resistance workouts are one of the best ways of boosting the testosterone level in men. The sex hormone is known for improving the sexual drive, building muscle mass and other features in males, one can always boost their testosterone level by including deadlifts in their daily fitness routine. A healthy and natural way of improving testosterone production in men, deadlifts will surely help you and your partner take your relationship to the next level.

Strengthens the core

Having strong core muscles is a key component of well-rounded fitness. Apart from improving stability, the core muscles are also responsible for supporting all the other major muscles in the body. And therefore, it’s essential to add deadlifts to your fitness routine. It will also only strengthen your core while enhancing your bone density. Not only the core, but Deadlifts also target multiple lower and upper major body muscles, and thus are hailed as good resistance training workouts for improving flexibility and balance.

Boosts metabolism

Given the current condition and lack of resources indoors, working out regularly is an issue faced by many. The lockdown has also made many of us lazy as gyms remained closed for a long period. All this has resulted in weight gain and other issues. While many switching to easy workouts and healthy diets, deadlifts can also become a part of your health routine. The weightlifting exercise is also known for boosting metabolism, thus a good and safe exercise that aids weight loss.

Improves Body posture

Apart from aiding weight loss and boosting testosterone levels, deadlifts are also responsible for improving your body posture. It strengthens the core while targeting major muscles responsible for a good posture. Deadlifts also improve the spine’s health by exerting pressure on the back muscles. And a good posture will help you look more confident and healthy. Therefore, it’s never too late to add the resistance workout to your routine.

Tiger Shroff’s continues to impress us all with his intense fitness routine.

Cover artwork by Dhaval Punatar/AskMen India

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