Zayed Khan’s Fitness Transformation Will Fuel Your Workout Motivation

Anyone who grew up on Bollywood films would remember Lucky from Main Hoon Na: the long-haired, lean and lanky boy who makes fun of Shahrukh Khan at his arrival in St. Paul’s College, only to become his best buddy. On the surface, he was cool and carefree, but as the story progresses, we learn that his character has deep wells of emotion. All the credit goes to Zayed Khan, who beautifully brought out this dichotomy through his performance. However, despite his wonderful acting in the film, he did not see good offers come his way. That role unfortunately marked the peak of his career and made him a success story that could-have-been.

As unfair as this is, it’s a cliched ending for many artists who come flocking to make a name for themselves in the film industry. It starts with denial, which slowly turns into anxiety, anger, self-pity and low self esteem that eats them up from within. This then snowballs into financial and relationship problems. It’s a free fall towards failure. It takes immense emotional strength to be undeterred by the highs and lows of public life.

While we don’t know if Zayed Khan always had that, we can tell that he’s built it over time. Away from the limelight, he’s been busy working on himself, trying to be a better person. A few days ago, he took to Instagram to share a picture of his fitness transformation. But the caption is proof that the change is not just physical. To rise from the ashes like a phoenix, especially in such trying times, must have been no easy feat.

AskMen India reveals how Zayed Khan did it and the life lessons we can learn that it teaches us.

Both success and failure are fleeting

It’s said that success and failure are two sides of a coin, but to follow this ideology is easier said than done. To handle such extreme highs and lows in your career is not everyone’s cup of tea. In one of his posts on Instagram, Zayed spoke about how he gave up on himself at one point in life and became difficult to deal with. Actors don’t realize how fickle the film industry is, and that celebrities can turn into nobodies overnight. It’s important to give yourself that reality check from time to time, and not take any of it too seriously. Simply enjoy the journey while it lasts, just like Zayed Khan has learned to.

Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself

Sharing the story of his physical transformation on social media, Zayed Khan wrote how one must face their fears and go through the pain, instead of running away from them. That’s what helps you come out stronger and more resilient. The world may be unfair to us, but that can’t be an excuse to shut ourselves off and indulge in self-pity. Get up and get going. If you want to get in shape, you got to do the work. Act upon your goals now!

Don’t let the world decide what you’re worth

When you’re constantly in the eye of the public, most put their self worth in other people’s hands. This is all right as long as they have nice things to say about you, but the moment they don’t, your confidence can shatter. Zayed Khan is the living example of the miracles that protecting your self-image can bring out. When it comes to fitness goals, ask yourself if you want to, for example, lose weight to feel comfortable in your skin or to get external validation? Set your intentions right and focus on yourself and yourself alone.

Find the right mentor and they will change your life

While basking in the glory of his fit body, Zayed Khan made sure he credited the person who enabled that transformation. He thanked Hrithik Roshan in the caption of his post, for mentoring him and motivating him to keep moving forward. If you’re feeling stuck in your fitness journey, go out there and take inspiration from people who have already made it where you want to be. People are always willing to help, if only you ask!

Never forget the people who were there for you when no one else was

Apart from his mentor, Zayed Khan also thanked his wife for being there by his side through all his ups and downs. He acknowledged her for taming the beast in him, for patiently putting up with his tantrums, for believing in him when he didn’t believe in himself. When you’re successful, you feel that you made it on your own. But the truth is that it’s never one person’s effort. Don’t forget the contributions of your family and friends in making you who you are. After all, it is only they who will be there for you when everyone else leaves.

Zayed Khan’s journey is an inspiration for us to work hard and never give up. It motivates us to smash all our fitness goals, no matter what shape we may be in today.

Cover artwork by Dhaval Punatar/AskMen India

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