7 Natural Ways To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic disrupting our daily lives, the impact of the virus on the male reproductive system has been gaining momentum. While researchers and medical experts continue to investigate the matter by conducting several tests and experiments, no conclusive data has been shared yet. With more and more cases of men complaining of erectile dysfunction in recent times, the debate seems to be getting more intense with time. While erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition in which men fail to obtain or maintain their erection during sexual activity, it’s sure to disrupt one’s sex life.

While several physical and psychological factors trigger erectile dysfunction in men, the common symptom reported by many is said to be reduced sexual desire. Despite the availability of several OTC medicines in the market, many prefer to go the natural way by making some changes to their lifestyle and opting for a healthier way of overcoming this issue. In wake of the increased erectile dysfunction cases in men, AskMen India has compiled a few natural ways to overcome this issue and improve your sex life with your partner.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are also popularly known as pelvic-floor exercises. These workouts are not only beneficial for women, but they work wonders for men as well. Apart from helping you overcome erectile dysfunction, these workouts also improve your bladder control and sexual performance by working your pelvic region and making them strong. There are many variations of kegel exercises (like Squats, Bird dog, Bridge and many more) but one needs to make sure that they perform these workouts correctly, under professional guidance in the early stages.

Quit Smoking

If you think smoking makes you look cool, then think twice. Smoking affects your heart and is also one of the most common reasons behind many vascular diseases. While quitting smoking can improve your overall health, it also enhances blood flow in the body (which include the genitals). The increase in blood to your genitals will not only help overcome erectile dysfunction naturally but also improve your sexual life as well.


Hailed as herbal viagra by many traditional ancient experts, Ginseng is said to be an effective natural way of overcoming erectile dysfunction. With no reports of long-term effects, many research indicates that Ginseng improves sexual drive and erection in men. Apart from this, Ginseng is also reported to help reduce blood sugar levels, improve heart health and boosting immunity. But make sure you consult and seek a medical professional’s advice before trying this ancient formula.


The popular summer fruit is reported to be rich in citrulline, an amino acid that relaxes the blood vessels like a viagra. While medical professionals and experts continue to argue over the effectiveness of watermelons in improving sexual drive, the presence of citrulline makes it a healthy option to add to your daily meal. Even in juice form, watermelon is stated to increase a man’s libido while helping him overcome erectile dysfunction.

Healthy Conversations

While sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction can disrupt your sex life and shake your confidence level, but one simple way of tackling it is by accepting the fact and talking about it with your partner. While your honesty would help you guys improve your physical intimacy, it could unlock many other ways of overcoming the condition in the bedroom. While conversations related to sex are considered taboo in our country, sharing details about your body changes will only solidify your relationship’s foundation in the long run.

Control Alcohol Consumption

Apart from quitting smoking, limiting your alcohol consumption is another good step towards a healthy lifestyle. A glass or two may be good to get you into the mood for some action, but excess consumption of alcohol could just spoil all the fun. Alcohol is also known to damage the liver, an organ that produces estrogen in men. So make sure you learn the art of limiting your alcohol intake and enjoy healthy sex life which is free of sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction.

Normal workouts

One of the simplest ways of keeping erectile dysfunction at bay is by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes daily workout sessions. From jogging to yoga, you are open to chose your vice, but make sure you don’t gain too much weight as it would directly affect your sex life. You can even enrol in some fun outdoor activities with your partner and have a gala time together. Given the current situation, you can even inculcate yoga in your daily fitness routine to beat erectile dysfunction.

These natural tips will help you overcome erectile dysfunction and improve your sex life.

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