Jason Momoa Workout: How to Get Ripped Like Khal Drogo

Portraying seminal roles such as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman, and Conan the Barbarian has left many to wonder what Jason Momoa workouts really look like. Even in his early days on Baywatch Hawaii he sported a pretty jacked body. 

This has prompted fitness enthusiasts all over the world, as well as outlets like Men’s Health, to explore what the Hollywood actor does to maintain such a ripped, lean physique.  

What Is the Jason Momoa Workout?

Jason Momoa’s workout routine is as follows:

Monday – Chest

  • Flat Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Flat dumbbell bench press
  • Incline dumbbell bench press
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Dumbbell flys
  • Plate press or dumbbell press

Tuesday – Biceps/Abs

  • Barbell Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Close grip cable curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Alternate arm dumbbell curls
  • One arm Cable curls/ Cable concentration curls (anyone among these two)
  • Overhead cable curls
  • Hanging leg raise 15-15-10-10
  • Decline crunch 20-20-20
  • Standing cable wood chop 20-20-20

Wednesday – Cardio/Back

  • 20 minutes of cardio on treadmill or elliptical
  • Pull-ups or close-grip pullup
  • Wide grip lat pulldown
  • Cable row
  • Barbell bent-over row
  • Dumbbell row
  • Deadlift or stiff-legged deadlift

Thursday – Shoulders

  • Barbell military press
  • Arnold press
  • Lateral raise
  • Front raise
  • Rear delt raises
  • Barbell Shrug
  • Dumbbell shrug
  • Cable upright row

Friday – Triceps/Abs

  • Close grip barbell bench press
  • Skull crushers
  • Overhead cable triceps extension
  • Cable triceps push down
  • One arm dumbbell extension
  • Reverse arm cable triceps push down, 
  • Barbell rollout on knees 20-20-20
  • Kneeling cable pull down 20-20-20
  • Bicycle crunch 20-20-20
  • Side Plank – 60 seconds each.

Saturday – Cardio/Legs

  • 20 minutes of cardio on treadmill or elliptical
  • Leg Extension
  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Back squat
  • Leg Press
  • Hack squat
  • Dumbbell Lunge
  • Seated Calf Raise
  • Standing Calf Raise

Sunday – Rest Day

His workouts use a high-tempo pace to help elicit both strength gains and fat loss. For all the exercises listed besides cardio, he sticks to a rep scheme as follows:

  • 7 sets of 7 reps, taking 7 seconds rest between sets

Drop one set, rep, and second from each session in the future. So on week one, do 7 sets of 7, then 6 sets of 6 on week two. Over time, this helps you add weight to the bar or machine and also increase the speed at which you move weights.

These are basically supersets, so be prepared to work hard and bring it. If you do, you may get accelerated results. Momoa calls this technique the AR-7 technique, which stands for Accelerated Results 7. The program was co-created by Eric Laciste, his trainer

Why Should You Do Jason Momoa Workouts?

It’s a straightforward, killer bodybuilding workout with a twist. You’ll hit enough volume that you’ll drive gains and build lean muscle. But you’ll also get your heart rate high enough to shed body fat.

It’s also a good workout program for those who like to indulge from time to time. Jason Momoa is outspoken about his love for drinking (Guiness in particular), and how he enjoys living his life outside of the gym. Clearly he’s gotten results from the program, so it’s good to consider if that’s how you like to live, too.

What Equipment Is Needed for Jason Momoa’s Workout?

You’ll likely need a gym membership to a well-equipped facility to do Jason Momoa’s workouts. The sheer number of pieces of equipment you’ll need make it pretty much a necessity for most folks.

If you’re working out at home, you might be able to modify some machine exercises. At the very least, you’ll need:

  • A barbell with several hundred pounds of weights
  • Dumbbells (light enough for arms, heavy enough for compound movements)
  • Bench press equipment
  • Pull-up bar
  • Floor space for push-ups, planks, and other exercises
resistance training is one of the fastest ways to build muscle so this is the go-to for celebrities and actors

4 Common Mistakes When Doing Jason Momoa’s Workout

Before you lock in your Atlantis gains, consider these common mistakes people make when adopting this workout routine.

1. Starting Too Heavy on Work Sets

People looking for accelerated results may strive to start at or near their max for exercises like deadlifts and bench press in this workout plan, but that would be a huge mistake. Not only will you be moving moderately heavy weights at rep schemes of 7 and lower, but your rest periods in between sets are purposely very short. Doing too much too early may result in injuries.

Give yourself a 2 to 4 week ramp up period to get used to the volume of this workout. You could even consider subbing some of the weighted exercises targeting smaller muscle groups, such as subbing skull crushers for things like diamond push-ups, to give your body time to adjust.

2. Turning the A7 Technique Into Supersets

This one’s a subtle difference, but the best way to measure progress is to stick to the program. Supersets are one set after another, while there’s a slight rest between each set in the A7 technique. Stick to the time frames and bring the weights up slowly to get the best results.

3. Not Warming Up

Jason Momoa’s workout program is going to have your heart pumping just as hard as the lactic acid in your muscles will be. It’s a mistake to not take at least five to ten minutes to warm up first doing some light cardio, stretching, and maybe some movement-specific work for each session.

4. Not Dialing In Your Nutrition

It’ll take lots of hard work and dedication to build muscle mass and lean out in a way that mimics Jason Momoa’s physique. This workout routine is a serious time commitment of at least 10 to 12 hours per week, so you’ll only shoot yourself in the foot if you aren’t eating to support your goals and sticking to the diet plan you choose.

If the goal is lean muscle, eat lots of lean protein like chicken breast, veggies, and healthy carbs like rice or sweet potatoes. Track calories and/or macronutrients to ensure you aren’t overeating to drive lean gains.

working out consistently is the key to building muscle and developing the physique you want

Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout: How Many Times Per Week?

The Jason Momoa workout is a six day per week training program. Each workout will take at least 60 to 90 minutes, and possibly upwards of two hours if you need long breaks in between exercises.

Stick to this program and perhaps get outside a few times per week to enjoy yourself doing some other physical activity. 

Did You Know?

Jason Momoa has actually traveled to Ireland with the sole goal of finding the greatest glass of Guiness beer on earth. The mantra “work hard, party hard” definitely seems to apply to him. 

He’s also a fan of outdoor exercise activities, such as rock climbing, running, skateboarding, biking, and swimming. A little extra cardio to work off those Guinness beers never hurts, after all.

Source link: https://athleticmuscle.com/jason-momoa-workout-how-to-get-ripped-like-khal-drogo/ by Ben Kissam at athleticmuscle.com